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Mary is the creator and founder of Windborne Co. She began her career in the wedding industry, and transitioned into commercial lifestyle photography out of a love for travel and showcasing unique properties that pour into the experience of their guests. 

Since starting Windborne Co. Mary has worked with luxury hotels and all around the world, specializing in advertising and social content. No matter what type of client she is working with, Mary believes that building lasting relationships with her clients is paramount. She understands how to authentically collaborate with her clients, listening to their needs and finding inspiration in the little details to create images that truly capture the guest experience and translate as powerful marketing tools. 

Mary’s journey to photography is anything but traditional. She grew up in an Amish Community near Lancaster, PA. While her upbringing was nothing but positive, her life turned around soon after taking a cruise to Hawaii. It was a trip that transformed her, that completely opened her eyes to the wonders of travel. Two years later, at the age of 25, Mary left the Amish Community to start a new life.
She fell in love with storytelling and capturing moments as soon as she had her first phone, and never looked back after getting a camera in her hands.

Years later, she knows that her unique approach to photography stems from her upbringing – a life without technology, devoid of any screens – taught her to pause and to drink in the natural beauty of her surroundings. 




Clients and partners

Wave resort

st regis Dc

duryeas montauk

walker hotels

champlin's resort

hawkins intl pr

omni hotels & resorts

The Dolder Grand

Marram hotel

apicii pr

Four Seasons Hotel

The Langham

The Wheel

royce & rocket

the exchange

foxglove communications

JG Skyhigh

Branch cantina