competitors with a visual experience that fuses strategy with storytelling.

The Windborne Co. Viewpoint

To many, travel is an escape, an uncanny relief from the rushed, day-to-day repetitions of life. And yet, for me, travel is so much more than that. Traveling to faraway places, immersing myself in other cultures and happening upon little-known locales stirs up a part of me that can’t wait to see more. I run after cafes and the type of places not many know about.

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These experiences led to establishing what is Windborne Co. today — a commercial photography business that captures the stories of life and culture your business seeks to create.

Eclipse competitors with your experience.


I aim to build relationships with brands that value their guests and customers. You create an outstanding guest experience, and I can’t wait to do the same for you.

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The hospitality Photography Experience

What’s On Board



Who you are and what you do is a story in and of itself. I use images to tell stories that match your brand and vision.

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About Me

The Postcard-Sized Introduction of Mary

Travel Photographer located in Philadelphia, PA

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The core of every successful marketing campaign is a story. 
Use storytelling to become the center of attention In Your Industry 

Resort photography. Airbnb photography. Social media photography. Restaurant photography. Tourism photography. Travel photography.

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