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Snow at dolder grand

The Dolder Grand | Switzerland

January 3, 2022

Mesmerizing alpine scenery, delicious chocolate, and rich cultural life – it is no surprise Switzerland takes a place on the travel bucket list for many. I had the terrific opportunity to stay at the Dolder Grand – perhaps one of the most iconic hotels in Zurich. 

Although the famed accommodation dates back more than 100 years ago, it still holds an excellent reputation for great service and impeccable design. So whether you are an art enthusiast or an outdoors lover, you are bound to have a great time. Here is what you might expect when staying at the Dolder Grand.

Perched on a hill above the beautiful Lake Zurich, the Dolder Grand seems to overlook the whole of Switzerland. As soon as you lay your eyes on the fairytale-like building, it will quickly capture your heart. Its architect Norman Foster has done an excellent job adding a more modern feel to the traditional German hunting lodge.

 The history of the hotel is long and fascinating. The original building was created already in 1899. However, in 2008 an extension was added, which is called the Kiss.

coffee and snow
snow in switzerland
christmas at dolder grand

The Dolder Grand – one of the most iconic hotels in Switzerland

One of the highlights of the hotel is its gorgeous surroundings. Wild woodland, views on Lake Zurich, and snow-capped mountains, which all make for the perfect photo backdrop. Nature is a big focus for the iconic hotel. The nearby woods offer all kinds of exciting opportunities for relaxing and enjoying the wonderful outdoors.

 Still, thanks to the accommodation’s convenient location, you care close to all of the action and can reach the center of Zurich just in a few minutes.

The Dolder Grand originally opened already in 1899. Soon it became a loved holiday destination for many a-listers, including Sophia Loren and Winston Churchill. Today, the hotel hasn’t lost its charm and impeccable reputation. In fact, it is considered to be one of the best hotels in Switzerland. 

That is no surprise, though – with the fantastic services and elegant design, it is a true gem of the industry.

A unique part of the Dolder Grand are the sports facility close by- the Dolder Sports, which features one of the biggest outdoor ice-skating rinks in Europe during wintertime. The 6,000-square-metre rink offers atmospheric winter fun for guests of all ages.There is no doubt letting loose on the ice will be a highlight of your trip! 

 In summer, those interested may also enjoy a mini golf course set against a beautiful backdrop of idyllic scenery.

A true dream for art enthusiasts

Art and design have an important role in the Dolder Grand. As you wander through the premises, you will spot art on almost every corner. Work by Takashi Murakami and Salvador Dali are just two examples of what you might see. 

The hotel’s collection includes more than 100 art pieces, which is another reason why staying at the Dolder Grand is a must.

Admirers of lavish design will surely enjoy the hotel’s grand interior. Inside the premises, you will find Swarowski crystal chandeliers, beautiful oversized flowers, stunning 19th century-features such as ornate ceilings, incredible sculptures, and antiques. 

As you walk into the reception, you will be greeted by an 11-meter Andy Warhol piece that is a great introduction to what staying at the Dolder Grand will be like. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to have a guided tour with art experts or with an iPad.

dolder grand lobby
dolder grand switzerland

Choose between 175 stunningly decorated rooms and suites

But beneath the surface, there is so much more to discover within the hotel. Guests may choose between 175 luxurious rooms and suites that all offer peacefulness and tranquility – just like the location itself. Most rooms are in a neutral palette, decorated with natural textures, such as dark oak and linen. 

A beautiful element of the hotel is its floor-to-ceiling windows. With such incredible surroundings, there is nothing better than waking up in the morning and admiring the scenic view. Those who book a stay in double rooms can also enjoy balconies. 

Small details are what make the biggest difference, and in the Dolder Grand, they have thought about everything. All guests may enjoy a greeting from chef Heiko Nieder, such as handmade rarefied chocolate truffles – an absolute dream for those with a sweet tooth! 

cozy bath at dolder grand
breakfast at dolder grand

The hotel – a destination for gourmands

Speaking of dining, food – like everything else in the hotel – is top-notch. The Dolder Grand’s restaurant “The Restaurant” is led by two-Michelin-starred Heiko Nieder. That is why the restaurant has become a destination itself for gourmands and foodies alike. 

The grand hotel is also famed for its spa, covering more than 4 000 square meters. After a long day of wandering around the streets of Zurich, there is no better place to rest and let go of all worries. The all-day spa facilities for him and her feature both indoor and outdoor pools.

 Guests may also treat themselves to kotatsu foot baths, a nail lounge, and even a full fitness studio. There is also a quiet room for meditation and a spa cafe, where to have a fresh cup of tea. For those who don’t mind a splurge, I suggest opting for a room with a view of Zurich or the Alps. With the comfortable rooms and beautiful vista, you will feel like in an actual dream!

coffee at dolder grand