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Sunset Cliffs, California

Road trip from LA to San Diego

March 1, 2021

California has a very special place in my heart, a place I try to visit each year. Visiting friends in San Francisco was on my list for such a long time and I finally got it done. Not only did I get to see them but I decided to start off my trip completely solo for a few weeks in San Diego and Los Angeles.

It was one of the best things that could’ve happened to me at that time, to reset, and explore the west coast in a way I never did before.

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

After I landed, got my rental car, and settled into my Airbnb, I ran to Baldwin Hills, eager to get some steps in. The whole stairway was more of a workout than expected, going up approximately 300 vertical feet in 0.18 miles.

Once I reached the top, I was overwhelmed by this breathtaking view, watching as the sun set over Culver City. Definitely recommended, especially in the evening!

Blue Bottle Cafe

Blue Bottle Cafe is always my number one go-to when in California, and it should be yours too! They work directly with farmers around the world to source the most delicious and sustainable coffees they can find. They roast them to their flavor standards and serve them to you at peak deliciousness. You will also find the nicest people working here, always happy to answer any questions you have!

Lunch at La Casa Del Camino

After driving for a few hours, I met with a friend at La Casa Del Camino, which is a hotel located in Laguna Beach. Not only that, but they offer a beautiful outdoor lounge area with absolutely stunning views of the Pacific Coastline. From great food to hand crafted cocktails, this is the place to go for a relaxed meal before hitting the beach. (or like me, hitting the road for another 2 hours)

Welcome to San Diego!

If you’re in the area, I highly recommend going to the Sunset Cliffs at some point. You can go walking around the cliffs, enjoy some small beach areas, listen as the waves crash against the rocks, or simply watch the sun set, which is SPECTACULAR in itself!

Communal Coffee-Fern street

Communal Coffee was definitely one of the cutest cafes I have ever laid my eyes upon. From the renovated trailer to lush green surrounding the area, this is a place that will not disappoint when looking for a refreshing afternoon drink. (Their iced Honey Lavender tea latte is #1 in my books)

Feen Cafe

If you enjoy flowers and soft pink colors, this is the place for you! I stepped into this cafe and knew immediately this is a place I could spend hours working and of course, sipping away on a good latte. Which is exactly what I did! Their whole cafe is decked out with bright, soft pink flowered wallpaper, which brightened the whole mood and encouraged my creativity to jump right in:)